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Cultural Impact

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Chilean Spoonkiller Attacks Special Forces Vehicle article
Chilean Protest

SANTIAGO, CHILE - Student protestors appeared at a major demonstration dressed up as Ginosajis.  One of the Ginosajis attacked a Chilean special forces tear gas vehicle with a spoon as onlookers cheered in support. 

Student demonstrator dressed as Ginosaji - Santiago, Chile

Another student protestor dressed as the Ginosaji taking on the riot police at the same demonstration.

YouTubers React

YouTubers React to The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon

The Fine Bros. - 8 Mins. - 2015 - A dozen of some of the most popular YouTubers in the world watch and react to The Horribly Slow Murderer short.  This reaction video has received more than 15 Million views.  With AmazingPhil, BoyceAvenue, danisnotonfire, KSI, Laina, marcusbutler, markiplier, MinutePhysics, Paint, Phil DeFranco, Vsauce3, and the Fine Bros.

 "At time of writing, this 10-minute fake movie trailer’s  views put it well ahead of, say,
last week’s top network T.V. show"
- J. Ott, Making the Movie


Ginosaji Fans

The viral short and series have developed a large global fanbase.  Explore the world of Ginosaji fans in the links below.)

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

Ginosaji can be found in the Urban Dictionary, between ginormous gujongas and ginosaurus.

Ginosaji Urban Dictionary definition
Ginosaji vs. Jack emoji by Mechabug

Animated Ginosaji vs. Jack emoji created by Mechabug on Deviant Art.

Ginosaji Fan Art Gallery

Virtual Ginosaji

Virtual Ginosaji

Fans have created Ginosaji avatars -- custom-made digital character skins

so they can play as the Spoonkiller in online games and virtual worlds.

(Below: Ginosaji avatar created for Second Life by Sapphire Weatherwax.)

Cinema Sins


Horribly Fast and Extremely Efficient: Talking with YouTube Pioneer Richard Gale - Making the Movie

A detailed article on the HSM short at TV Tropes

The Horribly Slow Murderer on Wikipedia

Are You Ready for 20,000 Spoonfuls of Terror? on IFC

Other Horribly slow Murderer Reaction Videos

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